Multimedia player with an embedded audio mixer

Play two mp3 files side by side, add special effects and match their bps using a simulated turntable. Control the pitch, sound balance, treble, bass and create a great listening experience.

AtomixMP3 is an mp3 mixing and DJ tool that lets you play DJ-like music on your computer. Just drag and drop two music tracks or songs and use the left and right mouse click to simulate turntable.
Use special features like pitch control, bass, treble, surround balance, cross fading and playlist for media management. AtomixMP3 offers more than 12 sound effects to add to your track for fun like scream, whistle, horn, siren, explode, alert, bell, clap and laugh. Brake, flanger and overloop enables the user to stop and start music file or track with special effects.

Key Features:
Play simultaneously two audio files with DJ mixing support.
AomixMP3 supports audio ,WMA and MP3 files.
Record voice with Auto Start and Auto Cut like features.
Manage playlists: Create,Save or Load playlists.
Use left and right mouse click for DJ turntable Mixing.
Bass,Treble and Balance feature for surround sound.
Auto search for media in your computer.
Cue tool for loop playing the selection.
Setting for the pitch control(tempo rate).
AtomixMP3 can be used by professionals as well hobbyists.

Finally if you have been dreaming about becoming a DJ then your dream is no more a dream, just download AtomixMP3 and experience the DJ mixing.

jasminder singh
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